got my computer fixed! So now I am giving my website a make over. I haven't decided to use this or that as my blog but I will try to start blogging again either way.

here's the link.

my cats will beat you up


happy belated birthday

I'm 25.
My Birthday was on Thursday. It was great fun. I have been doing fun things since then. I'll start with today, then go back in time sequentially.
Today I will go eat with my family and friends at my mom and pop's house. I think it's gonna be Brazilian. YumYum! Yesterday, Bailey and I went to her Dad's house and took family Christmas photos. I got to be the photographer! What an honor! The day before yesterday, I went to work and made some tips and we were really busy. After that, I had a few friends over and we all had a lot of fun playing music and playing the Wii. The day before the day before yesterday, Bailey took me to the Kimball Art Museum and we saw the new exhibit there. It's called, "Butchers, Dragons, Gods & Skeletons" It was very neat and cool. You should check it out, it is free! (at least it was when we were there.) After that, we took a sharp turn in American culture and went to WinStar Casino. We had a lot of fun there too. So many pretty lights. The day before the day before the day before yesterday was my actual birthday. It was a great day, I worked and made some tips; it wasn't that busy. After that, my family, Bailey, Ryan and I went out to eat at Sweet Basil. Sweet Basil is a great little Thai restaurant near the NE Mall. It was fun eating interesting food together. Before we ate, I got some presents! Ryan got me some Legos! Laura got me a storm trooper coffee thermos and the book, The Daimond Age, by Neil Stephenson! and my parents got me a cool guitar pedal called "HolyStain" and they also got me a sweet new camera. A Canon Rebel T1i!!!!!!! It is very awesome. Very.

Thank you everyone for making my birthday a great one! Here's a couple pictures I took with my new camera. The first is of my kitty, Tambourine. And the second is of Pretzel.

sad potato


this makes make happy. music is in us all.

Sometimes I like think about the fact that, no matter what time it is, someone in the world is making music.

this is cool

make your own music with youtube